Future Trade Show


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Our partner, an association of industry-leading automotive companies, organizes and operates the most influential international motor show.

Like many trade shows around the world and across all industries, our partner faced the major challenge of losing its significance and becoming less and less relevant to its audience. Visitor numbers decreased. The expectations of its content increased. In addition, the automotive industry is at the center of a public debate about the future of mobility. The industry has to join forces to reliably address societal challenges in order to stay relevant.

To tackle these enormous challenges, we transformed and reinvented the whole event format. We started from scratch, conceptualized the cornerstones of the future event format and shifted from a focus on cars to the diverse context of modern mobility. Dialogue, participation and the experience of new and varied mobility forms replace outdated passive exhibition patterns. The new platform meets the interests of both professionals and the public. The core of the event enables the professional audience to exchange, network, explore, learn and jointly develop tomorrow’s mobility. Beyond this, the format opens up to the whole city and invites everyone to experience, discuss and celebrate new forms of mobility. Beyond the event, a platform is created that initiates and implements the future of mobility.


In a holistic process, we analyzed the existing format, its public perception, target groups, exhibitors and the global landscape of trade shows. Based on the insights gained, we developed the strategy for the new format concept. Furthermore, we developed and supported the tender process for the new location and supported the implementation of the concept. On a brand basis, we helped to develop the future vision and brand of the new mobility platform.

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