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We develop experience strategies for brand retail companies of the future.

Combining strategy consulting with a creative mindset and executional understanding, LIGA2037 stands for a new era of consulting.



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In the future, every successful company will be an experience company.

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The Experience Economy redefines the interaction and relationship between brands and people.

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Meaningful brand experience is becoming the most important differentiator.

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Corporate organization and processes are not yet geared towards an experience transformation.

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Disruptive, successful innovation does not come through step-by-step optimization of what already exists.

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Only those who manage to break away from outdated thought patterns can recognize new possibilities.

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The Experience Score

Our proprietary and comprehensive metric to measure the performance of physical and digital spaces in terms of experience. It indicates the overall experience based on the seven key dimensions every experience consists of.

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LIGA2037 | Solutions | The Experience Score
LIGA2037 | Solutions | The Experience Score

Future Retail Playbook

COVID-19 has accelerated retail transformation. We have developed a simple playbook for brand retail companies to develop winning format strategies and coherent channel interplay for the next-generation consumer.

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LIGA2037 | Solutions | Future Retail Playbook
LIGA2037 | Solutions | Future Retail Playbook


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